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HeartMath’s Mission

To facilitate a fundamental shift in health, well-being and performance through biofeedback software that studies the coherence of a person’s rhythmic patterns.

Reduce Stress
Improve Health

HeartMath’s Vision


How it Works

Biofeedback Software

Our innovative biofeedback software monitors various rhythmic patterns of the body and mind, such as respiration and heart rate, to determine your heart rate variability and coherence, so that we can create a plan of coherence accordingly.

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After monitoring your rhythmic patterns, we will discuss the proper course of action to lead your body to a balanced and harmonious state. When the body experiences positive emotional states, it functions in a coherent manner.

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By using emotional restructuring techniques, such as Heart Lock-In and Freeze Frame, we will teach you how to positively shift your emotional state in order to reduce stress and improve your health, resulting in a better you!

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